So I bought myself a RocketBook Fusion notebook ( a month ago and have been using it for a variety of tasks.

My Rocketbook Fusion

For those that may not know, these notebooks are reusable and allow your notes to be shared via different channels (email, Google Drive, OneNote, etc. etc.).

One thing we do as caregiver's is keep a log of the cares we provide our caree. So we record the work done, any notes on caree attitude, troubles, really anything we encounter through the day.

Now these notes are critical when working as part of a caregiving team, reporting events to loved ones, and sharing notes for doctor's appointments. These notes are the events in the tranches to be the context of care for your caree and can server as a critical voice for others to understand many aspects of the caring process.

So the reusable notebook idea to share notes is a pretty straight forward idea. So why not just type notes in to some of these apps directly?

As a caregiver, I write things down a lot. Not type up things, but really write down the notes, draw diagrams, reference the care plan directly - whatever makes sense for the event to capture the context. If you ever wanted to solidify a reason to try Sketchnotes ( - this would be your time.

Alright let's walk through a scenario. My disabled son has inherited from me his ingrown toenails. Management for his nails in lieu of getting surgery is to trim them back every 4-6 weeks. In this crude example in my notebook, I borrowed one of the preformatted pages and filled out what we are doing, what we expect and the steps to perform the objective.

Toe care notes - my chicken scratch writing

I added a note about discomfort and a suggestion for thought recording. Now to store and share it using the Rocketbook app. So Rocketbook allows a lot of options here to scan and store. This example will be simple but I would encourage you to check out the different integrations and features available.

Preparing the scan in the Rocketbook app

Using the Rocketbook app, add a new note via the camera icon and line up your note page and allow the app to scan as below.

It knows how to scan you page once the camera is in position

You then have the option on where top send that scan. For an example purpose I just sent the document to my Google Drive. From here I can share that folder with others as needed.

So at this point I can wipe off the page with the dampened cleaning cloth and I'm ready to re-use for the next day.

In full transparency - I run my notes up to Evernote and utilize workflows to manage my notes for different projects outside of caregiving. Since we have no additional workers outside of my wife and I for our son - we typically only share notes pertinent for doctor visits. This will likely change post-pandemic when we are able to obtain additional caregiving help.

The plan will be to utilize these for the additional workers and put notebooks (the minis are decent for quick notes without fumbling around with a full notebook) in key places of care. Since I can combine multiple pages into one document, it makes sense to process the notes up at one time for the "end of the day", which in caregiving is the time when you aren't constantly running around before you fall asleep.

The prior system was a notebook in a binder which was basically filled in at the end of a shift. This left room for leaving out details versus recording events and activities as you go.

If you've been looking for a good caregiving sharing system and available apps haven't been ideal for whatever reason, hopefully sharing these thoughts might provide you with a little alternative.