It's been that long. I haven't missed it until the latest speaking engagement I did for a couple hundred caregivers last week. Of course virtually because that is how we all bounce as of late.

Honestly - haven't been up to it, the blogging. Since this blog was pretty much exclusively about Sitecore in the past it has gone dormant.

Not that I haven't being working on Sitecore - I have. But I've been tired of the platform. It got repetitive, innovation only in pockets from community, and the same lack of adoption and new learners. It's a JS world now with an injection of Python so - not entirely bad. So I focused elsewhere, onto other things, into other things.

I did manage to capture my 5th MVP award in 2018 and then more or less just stopped. Seemed like I've been there and done that sort of thing.

So this is where you expect to see my state: "But I'm ready to jump back in and push the community forward through contribution!".

Nope - not gonna happen.

I think you will see a Sitecore topic based post here and there going forward. How could you not - I still work on this platform almost daily. Plus, doing an abundance of good, good, things at the latest gig.

But those other things I mentioned I focused on - you know the other things.

  • Caregiving, caregiving and caregiving
  • Speaking about technology and caregiving with diverse audiences
  • Video production, voice over work, writing, and audio production messing around
  • Unifi-ing everything in site
  • Remodeling the F*$% out of seemingly the whole house
  • Different tech stacks and other content platforms

Along with all of that general life, liberty, and a pursuit of a Covid free world and the seemingly related ignorance for everyone to be anti-Covid.

Buckle up and enjoy - its going to be a bit of a different ride from here.