So I recently wrapped up a trip to Las Vegas attending the Sitecore Symposium and Sitecore MVP Summit. A lot of great things were shared and talked to a great number of Sitecore employees, other MVPs, and other folks dedicated in their investment in Sitecore. One ofthe many things to come out of that experience after my first day and was reiterated during my time in the MVP Summit.

My blog at work really is for sharing those experiences I have at work with Sitecore and clients with Sitecore. I have this other side, the creative side in me, that likes to put together different non-client scenarios, demos, tricks, and what-ifs that aren't really suitable to post on my employers website as it does not align to their goals as a company and service offering. After hearing all the things coming soon (and far) for Sitecore I seriously want (and need) to play and share.

So now I have two blogs - for those things to feed my academic creative side I'm just going to extend this blog meant for the family with a Sitecore category. I don't plan on replicating any content between the two but I'm sure in the process I will crossover information and share the fact that I may have posted about something on my employers blog.

While managing will be a bit more work and thought, I think for me it will produce better synergy with the community going forward.

***Updated 5/5/2015