It's been a wild and weird year.

I am extremely humbled and honored to be one of Sitecore's 2016 Technology MVPs. Get the list of names here.

During the past year, I found some different ways to preach to the goodness of Sitecore through involvement in the Sitecore! Experienced work, posting through a few different blogs, and conversing with Sitecore customers.

I did more with SPEAK than I imagined through working on XCentium's upcoming Vault product, I learned from each of our guests on the podcast, and really focused my personal interests into career development of myself and a few others.

This year the Sitecore site took hold and the Sitecore Community Slack channel was born. Watching both of these flourish this year has been really fun to watch.

Now there are more MVPs than ever before - 221 of us now. Going through the list some regular faces and a lot of newer folks. Group pictures are really going to suck getting everyone in the shot. A drone might be needed this year to take that group photo.

The community is getting better and better.

The weird for me, besides the weird zombie drunk guy in New Orleans trying to spit food on Mark Stiles, Dan Solovay, and myself, was the amount I took on and the speed of burnout that was incorporated. This year was the first time I felt I needed a hiatus from career focused and some personal endeavors. That was a bit tough for me to do, but in hindsight was necessary.

Going forward, changes are a coming for me this year. New directions around career and life are going to be interesting for me.

Sitecore! Experienced ideas are flowing and getting on the board to execute and finish...

Module, big data and whitepaper ideas are making me salivate like a dog hearing a bell..

We as co-creators are sending off the first of our offspring to university - our work to laying adulthood groundwork is complete and I get to enjoy the role of adviser instead of composer

Embracing and exercising my non-logical thinking more which produced a by product of strengthening my logical thinking. A little odd kinda like a politician that thinks for everyone else before themselves. (BTW - that politician thing doesn't exist in the United States. I don't want people to have false hope about money and politics.)

So here is to Sitecore's 2016 season that will bring the future MVPs of 2017...let's tear into this with a little more swagger in our step, shall we?