Who the #$%* is this guy?

Mark's Resume



Mark is a Sitecore technical enthusiast with 15+ years of Microsoft experience coupled with knowledge of development best practices and patterns.

Mark is a certified Sitecore developer and in both 2014, 2015, and 2016 was recognized by Sitecore as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Sitecore community.

Mark is the co-host of the almost popular Sitecore podcast "Sitecore! Experienced" with Jamie Stump.

Outside of Sitecore, Mark’s forte has been around integrations of enterprise systems through .NET web solutions. Mark’s past experience has had him serve in various roles across the project and development lifecycle providing him the ability to view client solutions through different perspectives.

Mark’s experience in cutting edge development frameworks, team leadership and mentoring, test driven development, agile methodology and ALM strategy allows him to deliver value to the entire development lifecycle.

His current professional passions include Sitecore (of course), Semantic Technologies (including OWL, Sparql, and RDF), and methodologies leading to higher quality software.

In addition to Mark’s work experience, Mark holds 3 academic degrees which recently includes a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Carroll University. Mark’s engagement in recent projects have had him focusing on enterprise system integration into Sitecore, implementing search solutions through Lucene.Net and Solr, leading development teams along with grooming less experienced developers and architecting and developing software solutions, primarily Sitecore, for clients within the United States.

In addition to Mark's professional portfolio, Mark is human. Mark's time is parsed between family, advocating and mentoring for the disabled (primarily those with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy), practices poor musicianship, partaking in terrible food preparation endeavors, awful artistic execution, lead agitator of many, punk music enthusiast (punkCore - get it?) and proprietor of the never ending chore list that comes with having friends and family.

Mark currently resides in the Milwaukee, WI a couple hours north of Chicago with his wife and two teenage boys.